Omaha Beef Indoor Football

Of all the writing I’ve done, the continuing experience I enjoyed the most was working with the Omaha Beef. The oldest indoor football franchise in the U.S. according to the Associated Press, I filled numerous roles for the team.

Initially I joined the franchise to create content for the team website, including game recaps (called “Sides of Beef”), feature interviews with players and coaches (called “Know Your Beef” lol), press releases, and brand awareness content like the aforementioned AP article. My role was then expanded to two of my foremost loves; statistics and social media.

Paul Eide Is The Team Statistician For The Omaha Beef.

After week two, I became the team’s official statistician, which entailed attending every game and logging every single play during the course of the season. (Check out some of my statistical handiwork here and here.)  As corny as it sounds, keeping statistics for a professional sports franchise was something I wanted to do since I was nine-years old.

After week three, I undertook the management of the team’s official Twitter account, was granted full autonomy, and created the most engaging tweets in the history of their account.

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